To change the world you don’t need to open a company, you need to open your computer



Most of us young people dream of being entrepreneurs, creating big companies, earning a lot of money and changing the world.

We naively think that to achieve this we must first go through university, get a good job, climb the ladder, get a master’s degree, have a better salary, acquire the “necessary experience”, and then, when everything is perfect, start that business idea. that since the university you had in mind.


Although this is a valid path, today we want to present you with a new alternative that is much more practical, risky, full of learning and challenges, but which, without a doubt, is worth taking into account.

As we stated in the title, to change the world you do not need to go through all this process that we have been told is mandatory. To change the world you need to open your computer, create an online community, add value, have perseverance, dedication (among other things), and have the will to work from any corner of the planet.

Before explaining how to achieve this, it is important to clarify that it is not an easy or quick process. The fact that your business depends on a computer, that you can work from anywhere with internet access, and does not require large investments, does not mean that you will not have to work hard or make an effort.

Making this clear, let’s begin:


If there is no passion, there is nothing

It will be difficult, and unlike the traditional process, you will have to face uncertainty every day. What does this imply? That if you are not passionate about what you do, and you do not see a purpose beyond getting up to work every day, sooner or later you will quit. That’s for sure.

It is difficult to understand what we are passionate about, and more so because we believe that it is something that arises overnight. However, the reality is that your passion is a product of discipline, of having an open mind to experience new things and the focus to discard so many distractions that you have.

Focus on the content

success depends on the image you project

Once you understand what you are passionate about, you will have to focus on the content. Identify what kind of content is easy for you to create (images, videos, interviews, articles, infographics) and start producing it every day.

This is the part that no one wants to do, where no one recognizes what you’re doing, where you don’t know if you’re making a mistake, and even worse, there are no results that justify your efforts.

Read well: Keep going!

When asked how much content you should produce, make sure it is as much as possible; In this way you will begin to create a community to which you can later sell your products and services through different toovalue

Where to share the content?

The first thing is that you must have a blog, or a website, to host your content. Here is a guide to create your site in 10 minutes. However, the task does not end here.

You must have effective means that drive traffic to your website, how to achieve it? Here are a number of alternatives:

Creating communities on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Using the email marketing tool Acumbamail to send content directly to your followers’ email.

Creating a good keyword strategy.

Investing in digital advertising both in Google Adwords and Facebook advertising.

There are two key points to grow your community and sell your products: Constancy and Add valuevalue


You have to publish every day, generate content every day, be aware of your community every day; identifying what they like and what they don’t like, what generates good conversion and what they comment on…

In a few words, understand those inflection points that will allow you to create products that solve their problems or improve their lives.

Add value

It’s not about what you think will be liked, but what your community wants. Remember that this is a business, and one of the key points to generate income is to create an interested community, attracted and willing to buy from you several times.

And how is this accomplished? Adding a lot of value. Although this answer is not clear enough, the best way to know if you are doing it is to ask yourself if you would share that content, if you would buy it, and more importantly, if you would be willing to recommend it to your friends.

Over time, and applying the learnings, your community will begin to grow. Adding investment (as every business requires), you will see your audience grow not only in numbers, but also in conversion.

Note: It is useless to have huge communities with low conversion. It is preferable to have a small community, but one that is willing to pay you.

You don’t need a big size to sell your products

generate income with your blog

Many people believe that to change the world they need a huge community, forgetting that the best way to do it is to start in the simplest and smallest way possible: with one person.

Interview your most loyal followers and understand what hurts them regarding your topic, what points could be improved and how you can help them. When you connect their pains, with your skills, and market opportunities, you will have found a product or services to sell to them.

This process of being in contact with your community is extremely key to creating profitable products, it is essential that from the beginning your community understands that you have a business, and that although part of adding value and improving their lives, your goal is to monetize your knowledge .

How to start selling?

Start with a product that is easy to make, scale and does not require your constant presence to sell; They can be ebooks or courses, you could even recommend other people’s products that leave you a commission.

The idea is to measure how willing your community is to buy.

You may not like the first version very much. This is why we must be constant; to have the ability to release a second version and do new tests. Over time you will find what you like and what you don’t, you will know that they are willing to pay and how.

It is at this moment when you must apply the last step

Automate as much as you can

As we mentioned in the title: “To change the world you don’t need to open a company, you need to open your computer”, so automate your process as much as you can so that it doesn’t depend on you.

When your community begins to generate income, look for people who support you, in this way, for a payment per task or period, you can grow your community even more without requiring your presence.

Invest in tools that do the hard work for you, that give you the freedom of time to spend looking for new ways to grow your business.

To finish, you should keep in mind that everything you have just read requires hard work, effort, passion and a lot of perseverance. The ideas you have in your mind won’t come true because you think about them every day, they come true when you do something about them.

So if you want to change the world, close this article and start working immediately.

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