The digital nomad backpack (what is essential to carry?)



Surely you already know what a digital nomad is.

The term is in more and more mouths, because more and more people are opting for this way of life and work that has made possible the advancement of new technologies and digitization.


But just in case it still doesn’t ring a bell, we tell you that a digital nomad is a professional who works remotely and who has a lifestyle characterized by roaming.

They are workers who move from one place to another, living in different places and working from there. The only essentials to perform your tasks: a connected device and an internet connection.

What a digital nomad should not miss:

As we can imagine, digital nomads are usually freedom lovers.

They like to be able to go without too many ties, that’s why they are called nomads! But they also seek to always have on hand what is necessary for their work.


In this article we are going to do a little review of some of the things that cannot be missing in the backpack of a digital nomad.

If this lifestyle catches your attention because you see that it can fit you, or if you are already one of them and want some tips that can make your life easier, you have come to the right place.

The first thing a digital nomad needs is a backpack. And we say a backpack, yes. Not one of those wheeled suitcases or tote bags, a backpack.

Why? Because if you are a digital nomad you never know where you might end up, and it is better to have the mobility and adaptability that a backpack provides (especially if we are going to go to more rustic areas or are adventure lovers).

Okay, but what do we have inside? Let’s see it.

Most importantly, our computer and our mobile phone, which, using a good VPN, such as ExpressVPN, will allow us to move around the world while we work.

Take good care of your digital tools

digital nomad backpack

Those will be our main work tools, so we better take good care of them. For this, it is worth considering buying a good case that protects these devices. And when we say a good case, we mean one of those well padded or even a hard case.

Although they weigh a little more, it is worth having these devices well protected. Important not to skimp on this!

For these devices to work we need them to be in good condition, but we also need them to have a battery. That battery is, in fact, one of the main headaches for many digital nomads.

Sometimes, when we are traveling, it is not always so easy to find places to charge our mobile or our computer. This is especially so when we talk about transfers, or when we go to more isolated areas.

Not having a battery in our devices can mean that we stay for hours, or even days, blocked without being able to move forward with our work.

To prevent this from happening as much as possible, we can add a few things to our backpack that can get us out of trouble.

The first is a rechargeable auxiliary battery. That battery can be your guardian angel, so don’t hesitate, it’s a great investment.

The best ones have an autonomy that will allow us not to worry about the battery issue even if we spend days without being able to connect to the power.

It is also essential to carry a plug adapter. This way we will avoid having to waste time looking for one when we arrive at our destination when we discover that the plug is not the same as the one at home.

And it is not too much to carry a charger to spare if we can afford it. You never know when ours might break.

It is also very useful to carry a pair of headphones so as not to disturb when we have to make calls, or listen to something on our mobile, or our computer (if we carry 2 pairs to have a spare, all the better).

Apart from these basics, there are some other things that a digital nomad always carries with them. A thermos for water, tea or coffee (you have to stay hydrated!), a flashlight (we especially recommend headlamps), a pen and a notebook, and of course, your passport!

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