4 Ways to Use Information and Communication Technology in Your Business

4 Ways to Use Information and Communication Technology in Your Business


Do you know how and why it is important to adhere to Information and Communication Technology in your company? Check this content!

At the beginning of the Digital Revolution, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) was a simple form of investment. However, the constant advancement of technology has changed everything.

Data from the Nigerian Association of Technology and Communication reveal that the ICT sector grew 10.7% in 2017 at the national level, moving 19.7 billion dollars. This means that the sector is highly heated within the national scope. Therefore, the time is ideal to invest and, the area, very assertive to work.


But, how do invest in Information and Communication Technology? How to use information technologies in favor of your company? Read on to discover efficient alternatives!

What is Information and Communication Technology (ICT)?

Information and Communication Technology is nothing more than the role played by modern communication within Information Technology. It corresponds to the technologies that mediate and enable interpersonal relationships d can be understood as an integrated technological set.

Next, I have listed items that will help you to use Information and Communication Technology in your company in a practical way.

How do use Information and Communication Technology in the company?

The new social and economic organization shaped a new pattern of consumption. Therefore, using management and relationship tools inherent to the company’s processes has become fundamental. Thus, the gain in competitive potential is directly linked to the company’s technological evolution. So, ask yourself: what tools can provide a competitive advantage in your business? Here are some of them:


1. Management software

First of all, management software is a tool that allows you to expand and manage your business safely. With a good system you can achieve:

  • Efficient financial management;
  • Full control and less complexity in the processes;
  • Service automation;
  • Better use of time; and
  • More efficiency.

This modernizes your business and generates value for customers. From there, they see the benefits of having an automated business with more efficient processes.

2. Digital presence

Currently, the digital medium is the most chosen in the world to communicate people talk to each other, look for solutions and even learn more about a company online. In this way, certainly, the customer is also present on the internet.

Have you ever thought about creating a Facebook page or a WhatsApp Business profile to communicate with them? In addition to being more agile, you can use different tools to create a relationship and get more sales opportunities.

But remember something important: communication must be done strategically. Use vehicles properly, be they websites, blogs, social media, etc. And make an appropriate and professional display of your business image.

3. Database

A database is what the name implies: a dataset. It facilitates the organization of your business and can be used to gather customer information, control inventory cash flow, and other relevant information.

But why would it be interesting to have a database? Having accurate information about your customers would allow you to:

  • Monitor the situation of each one;
  • Record their feedback;
  • Plan maintenance visits; or
  • Check if everything is ok with the system.

However, to work, your database needs to gather information in an organized, consistent, and accessible way. That’s why it’s so important to use a practical and efficient system. So your business will be able to manage customer information with more security and agility. The time that was previously wasted recording data in spreadsheets will be put to better use.

4. Process automation

With the busy routine and the number of tasks, having tools that “work alone” helps to simplify the processes Automating is nothing more than using a tool or system to perform a certain activity.

This includes everything from automatic email triggering to management software. It involves more accurately visualizing your business processes and activities. Imagine the time savings you will have without having to analyze this data manually!

A typical example of this is sending emails to all your customers. Think how much easier it is to send them all in one go, with just one automatic shot.

What can you put into practice what you learned in this article?

First, use management software to take your business to new levels of performance. Second, do your best to have a strong digital presence and differentiate yourself in the market. Third, organize the details about your customers by efficiently managing a database. Finally, fourth, automate as many processes in your business as possible to save time and profit more.

Extra tip: think about your customers, offer technological services and products

In addition to using Information and Communication Technology in the company itself and its internal processes, how can it be applied to your customers? I answer: you can offer new products or services (like systems).

Wouldn’t it be great to offer a new piece of equipment on the market or a tool that makes your customers’ work easier? Keep an eye on their needs and problems in their daily lives. When you offer solutions to their pain, your business becomes more attractive. With that, his profitability will only be a matter of time.

What matters most when adhering to Information and Communication Technology is knowing how to use it intelligently. To be more useful, they need to meet the real needs of their customers.

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