Cloud computing: Why is it significant for your business?


Cloud Computing

Can you imagine how practical it would be to access your company information from anywhere, at any time? You already do this with your email and with documents that are shared with you via Google Drive, for example. So, transposing that to the professional environment would be a great gain, don’t you think? Today, this is possible thanks to the concept of cloud computing.

With the creation of cloud computing, companies and institutions, in general, saw the possibility of storing their information in another way, making access to the more secure, practical, and democratic. Having your server has therefore become a thing of the past. 


But, it is worth mentioning, that the cloud is not a mere data center, it is an innovation catalyst for companies. In this new world, having “one’s head in the clouds” has long ceased to be a pejorative expression and has become a market necessity.

Understanding the concept of cloud computing

Understanding computing is not a difficult task or only executable for those who are in the technology area. 

Cloud computing consists of providing storage, database, networks, and/or software services over the internet. This means that you do not need to have data centers and physical servers in your office to fulfill this function. Just have the basics: internet access!


Any company, of any industry or size, can use cloud services. And there are many usage options: email management, data backup, software development and maintenance, data analysis, and much more. 

To make it clearer, a video game company, for example, can put their games on the cloud so that gamers around the world have access to them, or a chain of stores can use it to keep track of stock information.

In addition, the companies consulted report that, among the benefits of using this type of service, there is a better allocation of resources in Information Technology, cost savings, and efficiency.

6 benefits of cloud computing for you and your business

As we already mentioned, security and access to information are the main advantages of using a cloud computing service. But there are many others. Check out some of them:

You reduce costs and can invest more

Physical servers and the like became obsolete with the arrival of cloud computing. Thus, they become less of a cost to your company. 

In addition to not spending more on the acquisition or lease of hardware and software, you also reduce personnel expenses, since you will not need people specifically to maintain and manage the infrastructure. 

It is also worth mentioning the savings in electricity and refrigeration. 

The cost with the cloud becomes according to the level of service consumed, such as the amount of storage space you need, for example. 

With the considerable reduction in capital expenditure, you can invest in other cloud computing resources and in the training of the professionals who will use it. 

You have greater innovative capacity

With the cloud, you have quick and easy access to a series of technological resources that provide inputs to innovate daily. That is, it is possible to create new tools according to your needs – or those of your customers –, such as computing, database, and infrastructure services.

Once implementing these services has become an agile activity, you have more freedom to test new features and, thus, seek new ways to optimize the lives of your employees and even impact the customer experience.

Can you expand your business

In a globalized world, having international contacts, for many businesses, is crucial to their growth. With the cloud, you get more elastic scalability. But what is this? This means that it is possible to make available a certain amount of Information Technology resources to any location.

As a result, you can your company’s activities to other geographically distant regions. 

For example, an application development company may be present in several countries, making its resources available via cloud computing to companies that want to create their apps. In this way, it guarantees capillarity and, consequently, increases its scope. 

You feel safer 

Cloud computing providers can provide security measures capable of deterring hackers or potential adverse events, such as 24/7 monitoring of your server, implementing encryption, and performing automated maintenance.

On a day-to-day basis, security is due to the greater protection of your company’s data and the agility in solving problems. This way, important files leave individual machines, where they can be tampered with, and move to the network, with greater access and configuration control.

You build a more productive team

Keeping a data center in the enterprise environment has become a very onerous task. Fork FoFork needs to be given due attention. In addition to being composed of different equipment, they need to receive configurations, corrections, and other tasks that are performed by an IT team. 

With the cloud, needs like these are replaced by others that don’t demand much energy. In this way, employees can invest their time in other activities, training, and achieving goals.

And the more cloud solutions you use, the better. According to the aforementioned Dell survey, organizations that use three or more types of cloud solutions have seen a 15% increase in employee productivity compared to those that use just one solution. 

You can use cloud business management software

Business management software allows you to store information from different sectors of the company in one place. Thus, there is a better view of all employees of the company.

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