How to be a digital nomad and earn money traveling the world


Those people who do not have a fixed territory or permanent residence are called nomads; These people live moving frequently from one place to another.

Nomadism is known as one of the oldest forms of subsistence and human development and, even today, it is still in force and applied by many people.


Today, with technological advances, many opportunities have opened up for nomads, giving way to what we know as digital nomads.

Who are the digital nomads?

In general, a digital nomad travels very light, some only need their backpack and a laptop, since their jobs or trades do not depend on a particular geographical location to be able to perform them properly.

These are able to generate income regardless of where they are.


For example, as we are told here, thanks to the development and growth of the Internet, all that is needed to start earning money is to have a computer connected to the Internet.

Now, what work alternatives does a digital nomad have?

Among the many options that a digital nomad has, we could say that this lifestyle fits into three types of work profiles: as a remote employee, entrepreneur and, the most seen today, as a freelancer, which we will address in this article.

The life of a freelancer:

Freelancers are people who work independently, dedicating themselves to doing work autonomously. It basically consists of offering your products or services to a third party that has a specific work order.

Among the benefits of becoming a freelancer is that you can invest your time according to your needs and those of your client; and in many cases, even without meeting routine or office hours, since you can modify your agenda according to the work that results.

This type of benefits, added to the lack of flexibility and rest that traditional jobs lack, has caused the demand for freelancers to increase considerably.

Additionally, the ease of obtaining online jobs thanks to online platforms has made digital nomads bet on this type of work that allows them to travel the world while generating income.

How to achieve it? The key factor here is the platforms, which become a kind of intermediaries that are not only in charge of getting you clients, but also manage payments, connect you and facilitate your life as a digital nomad.

Three of the best known freelancing platforms are:


It is an online platform that is responsible for putting businesses in contact with users who offer services in a global network of freelancers.

Any user can post a project, and anyone can choose from a wide variety of freelancers offering services with different terms and features that set them apart from the rest.


Jobs are posted on Upwork and workers are hired for almost any type of job. Upwork is a platform with a simple interface, which manages payments through credit and debit cards and offers a messaging service.


Born with the idea that any job could be done for a fair price, at least 5 dollars, many freelancers in the art industry use this platform, but it is currently spreading to other areas of work.

The jobs of a digital nomad vary from web designer, software developer, or even SEO expert, there are even those who live as photographers, or as professional bloggers monetizing their blogs and talking about their travels or other topics of preference.

Simply put, there are too many opportunities to earn money online as a digital nomad.

Digital nomad, a simpler life

online freelance jobs

Leading the life of a digital nomad, despite having a great dependence on technology, is in general, a much simpler lifestyle. Many believe that it is expensive for the amount of money that can be spent on travel, but it is quite the opposite.

Many digital nomads who have decided to take their work and life through a constant journey, claim that they spend less money than they earn.

Although of course, to make this possible, many choose to lead a somewhat minimalist lifestyle, carrying the minimum amount of objects they need, and feeling just as comfortable sleeping in a 5-star hotel as in a cheap hostel.

Even platforms like Workaway that allow you to find accommodation in exchange for work, are one more example that thanks to the Internet, digital nomads can not only find work alternatives, but also ways to save money by buying flights, accommodation and everything that is necessary. you need to live traveling the world.

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