the most in-demand job in 2022



To be honest, this title is quite interesting, however current statistics show that this could become the most in-demand job in 2022.

Factors such as the pandemic, the forced quarantines in different countries, and the fact that it will still take time for this scenario to change, are giving rise to new ways of working based on the Internet and its possibilities.

Before sharing this work with you, let’s take into account the following context that will allow you to understand its potential:


– In 2020, millions of businesses physically closed and suddenly turned to the Internet.

– Electronic commerce suddenly grew up to 30% in several Latin American countries.

– The pandemic gave birth to thousands of new online businesses.

– In a few months, meetings by Zoom and Google Meet became an everyday thing for a huge labor sector.


– There is a new encouragement by different governments for citizens to telecommute, instead of crowding into spaces that prevent overcoming the pandemic.

– Threats of new confinements appear and once again the need to turn to the Internet, undertake online, and telework even more in 2022 is present.

New opportunities from a need:

Given this context, a huge number of companies and entrepreneurs had the urgent need to hire personnel that would adjust to this new reality.

The reason why new opportunities arose for people who want to take advantage of the pandemic and can perform tasks such as:

Manage meetings on Zoom or Google Meet.

Perform customer support by Whatsapp, Telegram, or Messenger.

Manage social media accounts, such as posting on Facebook, Twitter,r or Instagram.

Customer support via email.

Telephone support for online businesses

Facilitate communications with the rest of the team.

According to that, what is the profile that best suits the demand that is urgently required at this time?

The Answer is as follows: That of a virtual assistant.

However, this goes further: Instead of being a virtual assistant, it is possible to have your own virtual assistance business.

However, this goes further: Instead of being a virtual assistant, it is possible to have your own virtual assistance business.

Virtual assistance, the job with the highest demand in 2022

Here are two of the many advantages that teleworking as a virtual assistant offers you this new year that is beginning:

Work globally from home:

There is no longer the restriction of thinking things like “that doesn’t happen in my country”, “there are no jobs in my city”, and “in my country, you can’t”.

Now, you can telework as a virtual assistant with companies or entrepreneurs distributed in different parts of the world.

Flexible schedules:

In recent months, one of the main complaints from teleworkers was that their bosses did not respect working hours, giving them an overload of tasks. Now that’s a thing of the past considering all the options out there.

How to start as a virtual assistant?

Now that you understand the context, the requirement, s and the reason why this work option is growing so much, you are surely convinced that telecommuting and virtual assistance are here to stay. There is no turning back.

It is possible that at this point you are wondering how to start, and what you can do to start this work. Here are two options:

Option #1: The “free”

With this option there is no monetary investment and to carry it out, you must follow the following steps:

– Invest hundreds of hours searching randomly among the millions of pages on the Internet without any order.

– Invest time, effort, and energy in a process that involves making quite a few mistakes on the way to achieving a result, if it is achieved at Option.

– Take as a guideline the opinion of people who have never successfully teleworked as virtual assistants. Or they have achieved poor results.
– Have a lot of patience and tolerance for failure.

This option is ideal for those who want to do things by themselves and not go through any monetary investment (“free”), but a large investment in time, energy, and headaches. Option

#2: The Shortcut

virtual assistant banner
Invest in a program that shows step by step that it has already been tested by more than 17,000 people throughout Latin America and that many of them are already achieving positive results.
A system that shows things such as:
– Step by step: How to get virtual assistance jobs for you, instead of other people.
– How to get started in the business of virtual assistance from home, especially if you have no experience.
– How to avoid the most common mistakes made by 99% of people who enter this business. You will be able to skip months and months of work in vain and instead, get results as soon as possible.
– What exactly to say to make your clients pay you more and more thanks to your skills.
– How to earn more as a virtual assistant, regardless of whether there are already competitors. And how to be victorious in the current context of new normality.
– The precise instructions to access all available job offers and start teleworking as a virtual assistant as soon as possible.
– How to get your first clients, especially if you have never had one and how to speed up the process of obtaining clients.
– How to set your rates and how much you should charge for each job you do.
– How to set the prices of your works, in such a way that you obtain the maximum profits.
– What are the most appropriate payment platforms so that remuneration can be obtained immediately, from anywhere in the world…
… Among many other things, in addition to the following:
– Customer support and follow-up guidance every time you have a query or doubt.
– Additional training that shows alternative ways to generate income as a virtual assistant.
– Training to go from being a “freelance” to having a prosperous and long-term business as a virtual assistant from 2022.
– Quick-to-deploy downloadable tools to increase productivity and achieve accelerated results.
This option is only suitable for people who want to generate income on the Internet as soon as possible in 2022, leveraging the current context, and do not want to go through the headaches indicated in option #1.

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