5 marketing challenges for fresh businesses

Marketing challenges


Small business marketing is a hot topic in recent times. I always hear that the internet has allowed small businesses to compete with large businesses on an equal footing, after all, online marketing is much more spontaneous and democratic.

Businesses that would never advertise on television or in major newspapers can reach people all over the world by creating quality content. But that doesn’t mean everything was easy! There are still several insidious challenges from which the small business owner must flee with all his willpower.



One of the biggest challenges in small business marketing is innovation. After all, if they want to compete with those who are more established in the market, an extra dose of creativity and daring is essential.

The internet may be the best way: content marketing attracts customers and makes them true brand promoters. But for this to be done successfully, it is necessary to invest in quality and seek to be present in the consumption routine, without seeming invasive or repetitive.

The ideal is to have the help of a professional in the field or at least study and research a lot about inbound marketing.


Target advertising

As I have already said, the internet appears like an excellent opportunity for a company to direct its advertising and not go out advertising those who have no interest in the brand’s products or services.

For this, it is important to define “personas”, which are nothing more than fictional characters that have the specific characteristics of the target audience of the business. Through them, marketing and sales teams can redefine their actions and leave them based on a line of reasoning that is associated with the consumption or purchase experience of these categories.

Choose the best stocks

Another crucial point for success in promoting small businesses is getting the right time to choose your marketing actions There are several options: blog, website, social networks, newsletters, among others.

Depending on the company’s segment and target audience, some may be more effective than others, and the entrepreneur needs to analyze well before deciding, to then publicize them with high quality and full focus on their personas.

A common marketing challenge for small businesses is trying not to be tempted to invade the customer’s space. In their eagerness to advertise and get new buyers, entrepreneurs can end up being “boring” and often even lose focus. So, friend, advertise without being inconvenient!

Advertising needs to be implemented in a planned way and an appropriate context so that it sounds more like an opportunity than an invasion. Never send emails or newsletters without the customer signing up and agreeing, don’t fill your kind of banners or pop-ups, and don’t contact us without a good reason, ok?

Develop values

Another big challenge in small business marketing is developing true brand value. In times of sustainability and concern for social issues, enterprises need to maximize human values ​​and not just financial ones.

The point is not just to increase sales at first, but to reinforce its values ​​and mission to society. Seek to associate yourself with interesting projects, acquire social responsibility seals, adapt operating parameters to minimize the impact on the environment.

In addition to doing your part, you create a “cool” image for the venture and this helps to increase results at the end of the month.

These are some of the top marketing challenges for small businesses. I hope that with my tips you can overcome them and achieve success in your strategy!

And you, do you know other marketing challenges? Share with me here in the comments!

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