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Programming is nothing more than the process of designing, writing and developing or maintaining a program for electronic equipment. The programmer is the professional who performs these activities.

What does a programmer do?

The programmer is the professional responsible for developing or maintaining programs for electronic products such as computers, tablets, video games and smartphones.


For this, programming languages ​​such as java, JavaScript, SQL, python, CSS, among others, are used, which work for specific programs and vary according to the area of ​​activity of each type of programmer.

Check below the five main types of programmer and what are the functions of each one:

  1. Desktop programmer: develops applications and programs for desktop computers
  2. Executive programmer: coordinates the program development process 
  3. Game programmer: works in the programming of electronic games for tablets, cell phones, playstation and computers
  4. Mobile programmer: works in the formation of applications for cell phones and tablets
  5. Web programmer: develops websites and web pages

Programmers can work in technology companies, or in any other sector but that have a technology department, telecommunications or even in the public sector or as a freelancer. Tech roles are the most promising this year, according to LinkedIn.


How to become a programmer?

To become a programmer, it is necessary to have theoretical and technical knowledge on the subject, which are acquired through good training.

There are free courses lasting a few months on programming, some that address specific topics such as java and others that address more than one programming language.

However, a higher education course can greatly enhance a curriculum and intensify professional competitiveness. For this reason, a good alternative is to graduate from a technology course before or after taking a free course and use it as a complement.

Which college to choose to become a programmer?

There are several undergraduate courses in the field of technology. However, the number becomes significantly lower among those who have a significant focus on programming and its languages.

Here are the main higher education courses in the technology area that have a strong focus on programming:

Analysis and systems development

The degree in Systems Analysis and Development is offered in the technological degree and, for this reason, has a shorter duration than other types of degree, with an average of two to three years. The course trains professionals to analyze and develop information systems for different sectors.

The internship and the Course Completion Work and the complementary activities may be required by some institutions.

Check out the main subjects of the course curriculum:

  • Database
  • Software development
  • Data networking fundamentals
  • Operating system fundamentals
  • Programming language and techniques
  • Mathematics for computing
  • computer organization
  • Analysis and design of object-oriented systems
  • configuration management
  • Computer architecture fundamentals
  • IT legislation

Computer science

The Computer Science course is offered as a bachelor’s degree and lasts for four years. The contents enable students to develop computer programs, in addition to planning and executing software.

The supervised internship, complementary activities and the Course Completion Work are mandatory for the withdrawal of the diploma. Below are the main undergraduate courses:

  • Calculation
  • electronics for computing
  • basic physics
  • Algorithm and data structures
  • Digital systems
  • Statistic
  • Linear algebra
  • Operational systems
  • Computer network
  • Information systems
  • Programming language

Software Engineering

With an average duration of five years, the Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering trains professionals to develop projects, monitor their execution, seek solutions and improvements for software or programs.

For the completion of the course and the withdrawal of the diploma, the delivery of complementary activities, the Course Completion Work and the completion of the internship are necessary. Below are the main subjects of the course:

  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Calculation
  • Database
  • Development of web interfaces
  • Introduction to Computing
  • Operational systems
  • computer architecture
  • Fundamentals of Software Engineering
  • software design
  • Computer network
  • Software development lab
  • Statistic
  • Configuration management and software evolution

Where to study to be a programmer?

To exercise the profession of programmer, it is necessary to be graduated in a higher course in the area of ​​technology recognized by the Ministry of Education, that is, with the structure and quality proven by the body.

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