Eight (8) online business opportunities you can’t miss in 2022


The only 3 elements you need to start a profitable business with very little investment:

-A passion

-A skill


-An activity that results in a product or service that people want and can pay for

To link all this with a good business opportunity, the activity that we want to undertake must have a long journey, for this, it is good to be attentive to how mature the market in which you want to enter is or the global trends that may affect to your startup.

If you are thinking about which are the online businesses that are going to give good benefits to their founders in the coming years, take good note of these:


1. Specialized digital marketing services: 

some services are already very much on the agenda and that are not new, suits SEO, Adwords, or even community management, but some areas have:

  • Inbound and Content marketing: content marketing to add value to users is going to be even more important shortly and inbound marketing is going to have a strong impact on marketing strategies.
  • Affiliate marketing: “Affiliate marketing: practical concepts and strategy”.
  • Big data Marketing: strategy defined as a result of the storage and interpretation of all the data generated by users and the company itself.

2. New “Marketplace” for apps:

Right now downloads are highly centralized in the Apple Store and Itunes. New options, such as App gratis, refresh the market and with so many apps, other more segmented sales sites are needed to give developers new opportunities.

3- Website Flipping: 

For those experts in most matters related to the online world, the trend is growing to buy domains and develop online stores with little investment and make them rise in positioning and recurring income and then sell them to a 3rd party.

4- Cloud computing services broker:

More and more, companies are aware of data storage services in the cloud for their protection. When they want to hire them, many times they do not know how to compare properly and impartially. Therein lies the opportunity.

5- Online coaching:

 online training material is experiencing a great moment and a lot of content is in demand to help professionals face big changes or to know how to get on track and balance their personal-professional life.

6- The emerging industry of the “internet of things”:

 soon we will have home appliances or even furniture with built-in internet. Bearing this in mind, a whole world of developments, designs, and collateral businesses open up with this new paradigm in mind.

7- Online virtual assistant businesses:

 the opportunity is focused more on those countries with cheaper labor such as India or China. These countries have the opportunity to build virtual assistant platforms with attractive costs for the USA or Europe and in different languages. There are already companies like:

8- Online businesses with a focus on the 3rd age:

We have already left behind the concept that only young people are on the internet. We now have millions of retirees sailing, knowledgeable, and with lots of free time. They are now the great forgotten in the network.

These are some of the new trends in the online world that can lead to fantastic businesses. For you, what are the new businesses in the digital world that you cannot miss out on?

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