7 tips for crafting a growth strategy for your business

7 tips for crafting a growth strategy for your business


 Crafting a growth strategy is not an easy task, do you agree? That’s why we’re going to give you a go with tips applicable to your IT company.

Roughly speaking, right away, you need to reduce expenses and increase revenue, right? So far, nothing new! The question is how to do it? When we go to practice, the scenario changes and we don’t always know how to start. This happens to a lot of people, not just you.

To help you, we have listed 7 practical tips for you to outline a growth strategy for your IT company. It’s reading and going to strategy!


1. Marketing on social networks

According to research by Rock Content, one of the largest Content Marketing companies in Latin America, 92.1% of Brazilian companies interviewed are present on social networks, such as Facebook and YouTube. What does this reveal? That online presence is no longer a matter of choice, but an obligation.

However, creating a profile or page on the networks is not enough. It is necessary to share quality content related to your area of ​​activity, provide personalized service, interact with the public, influence people, and invest in advertisements, among other actions.


2. After-sales marketing

Have you ever heard or read this phrase: “ Keeping a customer is cheaper than acquiring a new one ”? Adopting a growth strategy must include after-sales. After all, with the new behavior of consumers, who prefer brands closer to them, preparing actions after a sale is made and keeping them engaged with your brand are great achievements.

In addition, you can offer a series of advantages to current customers, such as loyalty programs, content aimed at their interests, and encouraging referrals with prizes and discounts — that is, make them feel special and remembered.

3. Relationship network

Innovation within the team itself! The effect of a leader who encourages employees and the entire internal process is always positive. And best of all, it costs much less than creating a new department or having to go after an outsourced company to perform services that your team can complete.

In this network, it is essential to have the collaboration of everyone through a well-defined process that involves: employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.

4. Pioneering in solutions

When was the last time your business presented a solution to the market? As your IT company has an attentive staff, they are certainly connected to innovations. Thus, your growth strategy can be in the pioneering spirit of some IT solution, for example.

Invest in research, if necessary, but be sure to look for solutions in which your company will be the pioneer.

5. Consumer Experience

Consumers don’t just buy a product! They are looking for experiences that are narrower and that solve some problems, causing noticeable changes in their lives.

Before you even want to sell the product to a customer, start with a good experience, whether through a message in the most used application by them, by email, phone call, or in relevant content that has to do with what they are looking for. The difference will be in the ease of finding your company until the moment the customer perceives your products and considers buying them.

A good customer, a good product or service, and a positive shopping experience are the perfect combination for your growth strategy.

6. Partnerships with other companies

This is a practice that is increasingly present in the market. Companies from different segments or that have products that “marry” each other, look for opportunities for innovation and mutual growth. Proof of this are startups, which are great for IT companies to open paths and also find new partners.

In the next section, you will find an excellent profitable partnership opportunity to include in your growth strategy.

7. Software resale

Including the resale of quality, the software will add a lot to your customer base and especially to your monthly billing. That’s because the sale and monthly fees for the use and maintenance of software will increase profits.

As your company works with technology, becoming a software reseller will further improve your image and relationship with consumers. You will create a closer relationship with the customer as a result of personalized service.

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