5 Ways to earn money with Telegram from your cell phone


 If you are undertaking in the digital environment and want to diversify your sources of income generation, you need to understand how to make money with Telegram.

In recent years, this instant messaging application has become one of the main means of monetization for entrepreneurs and businessmen, which demonstrates its enormous scope and potential.


Therefore, if you have a business and want to increase its profitability, you should make the most of this tool.

How to earn money with Telegram in a simple way:

This application allows you to generate money online from wherever you are.

It is literally a gold mine and the best thing is that you can access it from the palm of your hand.

Today there are very interesting mechanisms to earn money with Telegram in a simple, safe and strategic way, which will be very beneficial for your business.


Basically, if you have a smartphone you are just one step away from taking advantage of all the economic advantages that this communication channel offers you.

Here are five ways to make money with Telegram that you can implement in 2022, to increase the profitability of your business:

1. Promote products or services

telegram applicationTo earn money with Telegram promoting products or services, the first thing you should do is create a channel.

This is one of the most versatile actions you can take if you want to make money from home through your smartphone.

With this tool you can create thematic groups and communicate directly with your subscribers.

That is, with the list of users that make up said group and who feel a genuine interest in your products or services.

However, you must keep in mind that direct and front sales are no longer attractive to customers, nor functional for your business.

Generate high-impact content:

Consequently, the winning strategy is to create and share valuable and relevant content for your audience.

It is important that you understand that your business offer must solve their latent problems. Otherwise, your sales efforts will be insufficient.

Although Telegram channels are highly effective for direct promotions, you must use them with intelligence and caution so that they generate the desired conversions.

You should also know that the channels have the particularity of being unidirectional. This means that your subscribers will see your content, but they will not be able to send you messages.

However, they will be empowered to carry out the following actions that will help you earn money with Telegram:

Participate in surveys.

Access the links that you share with them by that means.

Consume info products that you decide to share with them, such as online classes, seminars, audiobooks, ebooks, podcasts, etc.

All these actions can help you further define your target audience, or launch new products or services on the market that meet their current needs.

2. Affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions in exchange for promoting someone else’s products.

It is currently one of the most profitable strategies for both digital entrepreneurs and small, medium or large companies.

All you have to do is join affiliate programs, receive your affiliate links and share them on your:

• Social media.

• Blogging.

• Websites (to encourage sales).

Today, there are renowned companies that work under this very successful business model. These are some of them:

• Amazon Affiliates.

• Rakuten.

• aliexpress.

• ClickBank.

To earn money with Telegram under this modality, you must share these links in your channels or groups. But make sure you do it in a pleasant, subtle and “natural” way.

So, every time a user of your channel accesses this link and makes a purchase, you will receive a commission.

The most advisable thing is that you promote offers linked to your market niche so that this strategy is not very invasive.

For example, if your business consists of designing web pages, try promoting complementary products, such as:

• Software.

• Design tools.

• templates etc. (The goal is that the recommendations are also of interest to your audience).

3. Ad sales

Earn money by viewing ads on the internet If you make sure to build and retain your community, it could be easier for you to earn money with Telegram.

Do you wonder why? The more subscribers your channels or groups have in this messaging application, the higher the revenue received from advertising.

Selling ads is a profitable business that many entrepreneurs take advantage of thanks to Telegram.

In fact, the most popular channels can generate thousands of dollars a month by selling paid posts, which link to the advertiser’s channel.

In general, the price of each ad will depend on two important factors, such as those that we will share with you below:

Number of channel members.

Duration of the promotional publication.

This collaborative advertising strategy is very effective right now. Especially if it is carried out from a channel with a lot of authority, credibility and relevance.

4. Paid subscriptions

earn money telegram

Subscription models are also very lucrative. Therefore, you should implement them if you want to earn money with Telegram in a safe and attractive way.

In this case, your job will be to sell a membership to those subscribers who want to access exclusive content on your channel.

Through a private channel you can offer them unique and premium content. Along with generating income with subscription fees.

Membership monetization applies to both physical products and services. As long as you adjust your strategy to the nature of this instant messaging app.

Additionally, you will need to make sure that you deliver valuable content to your paid subscribers. Otherwise they might be tempted to cancel the subscription.

For example, if you run an English academy and want to earn money with Telegram as a result of that venture, you could create a membership in which you share:

• Practical advice on specific topics.

• Trivia.

• Pronunciation exercises.

• Quizzes, etc.

5. Bots and artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence telegramAccording to official data of this application, bots are programs that work within it; developed by third parties through an API.

They work as automated chats that can help you generate income in cash, or through digital currencies, as would be the case with Bitcoin.

Currently, these bots rely on the benefits of artificial intelligence and support various forms of monetization, such as:

• Join the chats of a third party.

• Visit affiliate websites.

• Join other channels on Telegram.

• Refer new users.

Although this strategy is not as lucrative as the previous ones, it can still help you successfully diversify your income channels.

Start earning money with Telegram:

Earning money with Telegram is totally feasible, especially since the use of this messaging application is free.

In short, if you make sure to put into practice the techniques and strategies that we have just shared with you, you could notice significant changes in the profitability of your business.

Do not forget that having a presence in digital channels is not enough to generate money. And that if you want to be successful, your sales efforts must be aligned with the needs of your audience.

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