5 tips for utilizing technology in business to your advantage.


Business technology is recognized as an investment in increasing a company’s internal capacity and customer service. And to help you with that, we’ve separated 5 tips to boost your venture.

Companies that invest in technology have shown themselves to be more capable of facing this limiting phase. Therefore, we are going to show you 5 ways to better position your business in this future that has already arrived.


1. Use digital tools

One of the most sensitive areas within companies is communication. Transmitting guidelines is always a headache for managers. But now, some digital tools have come to help with that.

Situations such as face-to-face meetings are being replaced by conferences via apps, which have several features to help with communication.

To-do lists are also shared through programs that store documents, spreadsheets, etc., such as Google’s G Suite. 

Among some of the digital resources used for these activities are:


  • Google Drive – suitable for storing files in the cloud.
  • Microsoft Teams – a tool that combines chat, call, and videoconferencing and also makes it possible to create workgroups to manage projects.
  • Slack – using chats, helps companies in their internal communication, reducing the need to exchange endless emails and participate in several meetings to make a decision.

All have free versions and are easy and intuitive for your employees to learn to use. 

2. Invest in an online store

Another good way to insert technology into business is by investing in a virtual store. This time of Covid-19 shows us the importance of acquiring infrastructure for online sales and delivery.

In addition, having a virtual store will take you to an environment where millions of consumers are: the digital world. It is a market that only grows, precisely because of the convenience of buying.

The e-commerce system also provides security to the user and the company; facilitates the attraction of new customers; it is possible to present all the products that are marketed in an innovative layout, among other advantages.

3. Bet on digital marketing

Now, to succeed in e-commerce, for example, it is necessary to take advantage of digital marketing strategies.

You need to know the profile of consumers who browse the web and social networks. They want much more than a pretty ad, and you need to entice them with relevant content.

And that’s where a marketing plan specialized in the area comes in. In your commercial store, in addition to the products, you need to include a blog or channels that promote interaction with the public.

There are great resources to apply your digital marketing plans, among them we can highlight:

  • Facebook and Instagram Business – social media formats intended for companies;
  • WhatsApp Business – the most popular messenger in the country, which facilitates communication with customers;
  • Email Marketing – it is still a great tool to present promotions and other news;
  • Webinar – feature to record exclusive videos for your customers.
  • YouTube – is the biggest social media when it comes to videos. Another way to leave digital content that introduces your business to the target audience.


4. Update your current technologies

Technology in business is not limited to the use of programs, it is also essential to invest in the use of the equipment and IT infrastructure.

Setting up an IT sector may not yet be in the plans of small and medium-sized companies. Which does not mean they lack investment in gadgets and even in new equipment such as PCs or notebooks.

It is necessary to connect to technological innovations, as they will help in the productivity of the enterprise.

5. Use business management software (ERP)

How about tracking your company’s cash flow by cell phone? It is one of the benefits of adopting an enterprise management system (ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning).

This type of system represents technology in business well. Through an ERP, you substantially reduce the obstacles you may face with the internal processes of a company.

You no longer need to issue on paper, for example, the release request for a product from stock. This authorization will take place via a command in the management software, and can be viewed on portable equipment.

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