Easy ways on how to be good at mathematics



The Mathematics course is one of the most feared by many students at school because some exercises or problems can be difficult to solve and this becomes a headache.

However, mathematics is important for life because it is present in any daily situation, from simple moments such as taking out a shopping account, to more complex ones, such as dealing with business finance issues.


Many people are very skilled with numbers, but that does not mean that they were born with this talent under their arms. Achieving success in areas such as Algebra, Geometry or Arithmetic requires a lot of effort and dedication.

For this reason, today we offer you some tips that you can take into account to be a kingpin in mathematics:

Learn the basics

 It is difficult to understand the branches of Mathematics when we have not assimilated the basic functions such as addition, subtraction, division a,and multiplication. Many of the problems that arise to solve various exercises respond to the lack of learning of elementary operations.


Assimilate and do not memorize

Many times we memorize the solution to a certain problem because a similar one may come up in the exam. This way of “learning” is wrong because those steps will be forgotten when we least expect them therefore, it is better to understand the reason for such a process to solve a mathematical case.


To learn it is very important to practice the exercises that we were taught in school. The idea is that with the solution of mathematical problems you can promote the development of your critical and analytical thinking, in such a way that what seemed difficult becomes something natural and simple.

Apply it in your day today Just as practicing with pencil and paper is essential, so is making calculations in simple activities. Try to transfer mathematics to the real world to determine the area of ​​an object, know the amount to pay for a purchase, calculate the time of arrival at home, among other actions.

Share your knowledge

 What little or much you know about this course can be reinforced by teaching your classmates. Exchanging your knowledge with them or explaining how to solve a problem or solve an exercise will help you internalize and better understand what you already understand.

Lose the fear

Many people are born with a chip that says “mathematics is hard”, “it doesn’t work”, “it’s complicated”. To be a crack with numerical sciences you must erase all those ideas from your mind and be positive. Put fear aside and be brave to face this adventure.

Mathematics is not a monster

 Be eager to learn this science that is so important for life and, who knows, for your professional future.

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