5 effective study tips to be an above average student

5 effective study tips to be an above average student


Being an above-average student is knowing how to make the most of what the school or college has to offer, constantly seeking to improve your knowledge and broaden your horizons with new experiences. It’s common to feel pressured with so many expectations for a good performance in studies, but try to see this as an opportunity for health improvement. 

Most people believe that a student who performs well in the classroom must have a relatively above-average IQ. But that does not always happen. According to some studies, the effort is the main reason why students do well in their studies.


1 – Study in advance for exams

To have a high degree of performance in studies you need to be prepared. That means you have to study regularly and not just during exams. To learn the content of the subjects, the idea is to review what was seen in the classroom and try to create connections with your previous knowledge.


2 – Make a mind map

The technique of making a mind map is very useful in the study routine. For this, you must take an idea, put it in the center of a paper. From that theme, you relate to others. From these new ones, you create more “paths”. That way you create a big map that with these branches you can get to the main theme. This method is excellent for linking ideas and creating ways to absorb content.

3 – Write summaries

Making summaries and notes of the studied content is an efficient and almost intuitive tool to activate visual memory. Handwrite the most important of each chapter, underlining with colored pens to help you get a clear overview. That way, you will be able to file in your mind what is most important and, at the time of the test, it will be easier to visualize your handwriting and the points you highlighted

4 – Practice with mock tests

Practice simulations is a good tip for people who always do well in tests. If it is an assessment of your University, look for exams from previous years of these subjects in the institution’s library. Although some content varies, the style of the question can be of great help, it helps you arrive on test day with more confidence.

5 – Carry out extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are essential to increase your knowledge and add experiences to your curriculum. For this, take advantage of scientific initiation projects, research groups, internships, volunteer work, and, monitoring. In addition, you can exchange and participate in complementary courses, such as language courses. In this way, you will be recognized for your efforts and talents, both inside and outside the academic environment.

6 – Commitment

Achievement depends on the effort we dedicate to achieving our goals. This is no different in studies. Studying for a good part of the day and doing homework makes the student stand out from the rest and become a good student.

7 – Learn from other students

Intelligence is not the key to success. For a student to develop his learning in the best way, it is important that he dedicates himself and is willing to learn the content offered by the educational institution. If you, too, want to be a good student, learn from your hard-working peers.

8 – Time management

A good student must know how to manage his time to balance the hours he will dedicate to leisure and the period he will dedicate to studies. Listing your activities according to priority is essential to being successful in learning.

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