7 most significant questions to ask yourself before deciding to study abroad



Each destination has a person waiting for him, that’s why not all personalities fit perfectly from each place. For this reason, we bring you some ideas so that you can choose the country that most connects with your essence, so that, living there, you feel “at home” and you can make the most of your experience.

1. Where did you imagine living when you were younger?

First ask yourself where in the world you have always dreamed of living and studying, remember the times you have imagined yourself in another country and rescue those images that come to mind: perhaps it is the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty or an Irish Pub . 


2. Do you like colorful or bohemian and monochrome cities more?

Lovers of coffee, graffiti and history would choose Melbourne, while fans of surfing and the beach would not hesitate to live in Malta. As in this example, it is important that you study the vibe that is breathed in each country and what are the typical activities of a common day. Inquire about the personality of its inhabitants and browse Google Earth to observe the colors of its streets and the architectural style that predominates among its buildings. Compare your favorites and decide on the one that most resembles you!

3. Will you be able to work?

This is one of the most important questions, some students decide only to dedicate themselves to the academy, but others prefer to generate extra income to enjoy the attractions of the country much more. Some countries require a lot of paperwork to get a work permit, while others like  the UK ,  New Zealand  and  Australia  accept weekly jobs for a pre-defined number of hours. Read a lot about labor regulations and you will surely find that place that has the opportunities you are looking for.


4. What weather do you like?

Connect with the sensations of your body when you are in different temperatures. What suits you best? The heat? Cold? Humidity? Do you prefer to wear a coat and boots or are shorts and sandals your thing? Each city has a specific atmosphere. Choose whether it’s cloudy or sunny days, the ones that match your tastes!

5. Are you ready to adapt to a new culture?

Remember that when you change countries, you find realities very different from what you are used to. Studying the destination and its customs will help you know if it is a place where you would feel comfortable. It is important that you inquire about meal times, social protocols, the idiosyncrasy and history of the place, the flavors that predominate, and even the time they go to sleep. Religion, politics and security, all these will give you clues as to what you can tolerate when changing countries and what you can’t.

6. How much budget do you have?

Suppose you have found a destination that meets all of the above… Well, now comes the most important thing: how much money would you be willing to pay to live and study in another country. Find out the cost of all support services, proposed activities to do on site, rent and food. Also, investigate if you can access academic credits or financing. Choose that destination that fits your lifestyle and purchasing power so that you can maintain the quality of life that you had in your place of origin.

7. Do you know anyone there?

Lastly, and perhaps least important -because you will surely make many friends there-, it is very positive if you have an acquaintance or relative who already lives in the country, this will help you to adapt the first few days as you will be able to be accompanied when doing some priority errands like getting a SIM Card or buying the metro card. 

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