5 methods to be able to memorize the studied content

Easiest way to assimilate studies faster.



Many people find it difficult to study for tests and memorize the content studied efficiently, whether in college, university and even for entrance exams and public contests. This problem can be easily solved with the use of memorization techniques , which serve to assimilate and absorb the content of the subjects studied. 


A tiring study routine is not the best way to fix content, as it is not the quantity of study that counts, but the quality. That is, it is better to study about 1 hour a day efficiently, than to study all day and not be able to absorb anything. With that in mind, we have separated some tips on how to memorize the studied content . Check out:

1 – Establish a routine

Planning the study routine is one of the best tools to organize the content to be studied. Try to start studying at the same time every day, this will allow your body to get used to the times and always be more focused at those times. Maintaining dedication to studies will certainly bring good results in the future. 


2 – Read aloud

Speaking the content aloud allows the brain to get out of the inertia of reading and process the information studied to transform it into knowledge. It’s basically practicing self-explanation, which isn’t just reading aloud, it’s explaining to yourself as you would to someone else. If you have the opportunity to study with someone, try to explain the content to them, so the benefit will be even greater.

3 – Practical test 

Conducting practical tests on the subject is one of the best ways of learning. If it’s for entrance exams and public tenders, the tip is to look for previous tests and perform the simulation. This technique also works for students in colleges and universities, who can make tests from previous years in that discipline available in libraries. It’s a good way to find out what kind of question you might encounter on the test. 

4 – Make summaries

Writing is one of the best ways to memorize content in studies . Making summaries allows the processing of information in the brain, since it is necessary to elaborate a simplification of the content. It works like this: you learn first, generate knowledge about the subject and transfer it to another medium. 

5 – Acronyms and Acronyms

Acronyms and acronyms (a word formed by joining the initial letters or syllables of a group of words) can be used to memorize subjects that not only require an understanding of the subject, but also a basic memorize.

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