Four (4) strategies to use your cell phone to study

Ways to use cell phones to study


The smartphone is the device that most Nigerians use to access the internet daily. But did you know that there are ways to use your cell phone to study?

Among applications, platforms, and other tools, it is possible to count on the equipment as an ally in your preparation, whether for an entrance exam or a public contest.

Discover 4 ways to use your cell phone to study, with some resources that you certainly already have on your smartphone!


ways to use cell phones to study

1. WhatsApp study group

For students who are preparing for a test, a good tip is to gather classmates in a study group on WhatsApp.

The idea of ​​this study group is to exchange content, allowing one to help the other in case of doubts. Members can set a day of the week for a virtual meeting so everyone can interact.

This is the type of group that tends to generate a lot of content. So, if you decide to switch smartphones, remember to transfer WhatsApp conversations from Android to iPhone.


Software like Mobile Trans allows this type of data transfer between devices, making sure you don’t miss any information from conversations, whether in study groups or private ones.

Thus, you can keep content that has been shared in a group saved for much longer, even when changing cell phones.

2. Educational apps with gamification

Gamification is a concept that advocates the use of virtual game mechanics in other segments, such as education.

With these mechanics, it is possible to engage and motivate certain behaviors, so that learning happens in a simpler and more fun way.

One of the ways to use your cell phone to study is to choose to download educational apps that follow gamification techniques.

3. Film and photograph study materials

With a smartphone, you have a powerful tool: the camera! With it, you can make different types of records, such as photographing and filming your materials.

For example, when watching the life of a teacher. Use your cell phone to take screenshots of what is being shown, which is more practical than handwriting the entire content.

Another way to use your cell phone to study, using the camera as a tool, is to make short videos in which you explain or summarize something you’ve just learned.

Reporting content, as if you were explaining it to someone else, is a great memorization method. When recording videos, you create a “library” of media, to access when the subject generates doubts.

It is worth remembering that, in order not to miss anything, the ideal thing is that you backup your smartphone from time to time.

If you share these logs in conversations, be sure to backup WhatsApp, which can be very useful in case you lose your smartphone or there is a failure in the device’s memory.

4. Discover the podcasts

Podcasts are nothing new, but it was only in the last few years that these audio content gained popularity in Brazil.

When we talk about podcasts, it is normal for people to remember talk shows or fun topics, which are the ones that attract the audience the most.

However, several podcasts are focused on study subjects and that can help you prepare for courses and exams.

From podcasts about history to those that talk about current affairs, there is no shortage of options for you to get informed.

And since it’s all audio, you can use podcasts to study while commuting, cleaning the house, or doing chores that don’t require your attention.

Using your cell phone to study is possible!

Your smartphone does not have to be synonymous with a tool used to access social networks.

Although “spying” on what friends and celebrities are doing is a lot of fun, a cell phone has several features for those who need to prepare for a test.

By bringing your cell phone to the world of studies, you gain an important ally in accessing information.

And in order not to lose focus on studies, it’s even worth using apps that block certain apps for periods – another way to use your cell phone to study.

Take advantage of your smartphone to study and see how useful this tool can be, much more than you can imagine!

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