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PM YASASVI Admit Card 2023: Your Key to Scholarship Success

In our quest for knowledge and self-improvement, education stands as a beacon guiding us towards a brighter future. Recognizing the importance of education, the Indian government has instituted numerous scholarship schemes to empower and uplift students. Among these, the Prime Minister Young Achievers Scholarship Award Scheme for Vibrant India (PM YASASVI) shines as a beacon of opportunity for students in classes 9th to 12th. This scholarship program is not just a means to financial support, but a testament to the government’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering academic excellence.

The PM YASASVI Scholarship Program: A Glimpse

The PM YASASVI Scholarship is an initiative by the Ministry of Social Justice and Welfare, aiming to provide financial assistance to students who excel academically. The scholarship offers a substantial reward, ranging from Rs 75,000 to Rs 1,20,000, to those who successfully navigate the rigorous selection process. To attain this coveted scholarship, applicants must demonstrate their academic prowess by competing in the PM YASASVI Scholarship Exam.

PM YASASVI Exam Date 2023: Mark Your Calendar

For those eager to embark on this educational journey, the PM YASASVI Exam Date 2023 is an essential piece of information. The exam is scheduled to take place on 29th September 2023. This date represents an opportunity for aspirants to prove their mettle and secure a brighter future. However, success in this endeavor is not solely dependent on aspirations; it requires meticulous preparation and adherence to the exam’s intricacies.

The Importance of PM YASASVI Admit Card 2023

As the exam date draws near, it is crucial for applicants to acquire their PM YASASVI Admit Card 2023. This document is not just a formality but a vital key that unlocks the door to your scholarship dreams. The admit card is expected to be released in the 3rd week of September 2023. To obtain it, visit the official website at and use your application number and password to log in.

What to Expect on Your PM YASASVI Admit Card 2023

The PM YASASVI Admit Card 2023 isn’t merely a piece of paper; it’s a roadmap to success. It contains a wealth of information crucial to your exam day experience. Some of the key details you’ll find on your admit card include:
  • Roll Number: Your unique identifier for the exam.
  • Exam Centre: The location where you’ll sit for the exam.
  • Instructions: Guidelines and rules to follow during the examination.
  • Timings: The schedule for your examination, including reporting time.

PM YASASVI Scholarship Exam Pattern: Your Guide to Success

Aspirants should prepare strategically by familiarizing themselves with the PM YASASVI Scholarship Exam Pattern. The exam consists of four sections:
  • Mathematics: 25 MCQs, 25 Marks
  • Science: 25 MCQs, 25 Marks
  • Social Science: 25 MCQs, 25 Marks
  • General Knowledge: 25 MCQs, 25 Marks
In total, there are 100 MCQs, and the maximum score achievable is 100 Marks. To qualify for the scholarship, candidates must secure a minimum of 45% marks.

Downloading PM YASASVI Admit Card 2023: A Step-By-Step Guide

For a seamless experience, follow these steps to download your PM YASASVI Admit Card 2023 from
  • Open the portal on your device.
  • Click on the “Admit Card” link and await the next page to load.
  • Enter your application number and password, then click the “View” button.
  • Verify the details on your hall ticket.
  • Download the hall ticket and print it for exam day.

Don’t Forget: Admit Card and Photo ID

On the day of the exam, remember to carry your PM YASASVI Admit Card 2023 along with a valid photo ID. This is essential for gaining entry to the examination hall. Without these documents, you may be denied access to the exam.


The PM YASASVI Scholarship Program 2023 is a gateway to educational empowerment and financial support for students. To seize this opportunity, it’s imperative to stay well-informed about the PM YASASVI Exam Date 2023 and diligently follow the application and admit card retrieval process. Your commitment to preparation, combined with timely access to the admit card, can pave the way for a successful scholarship journey. Embrace this opportunity, and may your academic endeavors be crowned with success!
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