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Morton College receives scholarships from the La Luz Foundation (LLF), which inspires, encourages, and supports students who might otherwise be unable to afford college.

The Foundation pledged these goals:

  • Promote and sustain college financial aid: The La Luz Foundation promotes and provides postsecondary financial help.
  • Counseling Students and Families on College Savings: LLF helps students and families save for and finance college.
  • Targeting Underserved Student Populations: The La Luz Foundation serves underserved and often ignored students from Morton College and beyond.

Details on scholarships 

The first-generation college student-focused La Luz Scholarship is accepting applications. This article explains the La Luz Scholarship and how to apply.
Fabio Pea, an Albers MBA candidate and first-generation college student, founded the La Luz Scholarship. This award supports first-generation students worldwide, regardless of immigration status.
What is a first-generation student? First-generation college students have parents without four-year degrees from reputable colleges or universities. This category includes family pioneers who paved the road for higher education.
According to the La Luz foundation, first-generation kids must navigate the complicated college admissions process, adjust to college life, and seek for scholarships. According to Pew Research Center data, 70% of 22-59-year-olds had a parent with a bachelor’s degree. The remaining 26% of first-generation kids, a large section of our population, lack this academic edge.
The La Luz Scholarship Foundation believes higher education can improve individuals, families, and communities. We want to create an education-focused community. The La Lumière Scholarship Foundation pursues the following efforts to attain these goals.

Scholarship summary:

  1. HOST: La Luz Foundation 
  2. Who gets scholarships: Students
  3. Fellowship kind  
  4. USA is eligible.
  5. SCHOLARSHIPS Prizes  
  6. Application deadline: September 15, 23
  7. Scholarship Content Word Meaning: Undergraduate Students.
  8. MS: Masters
  9. PODs: Postgraduate Students: Scholarship Benefits and Duration.
  10. Excellence-based La Luz scholarships are awarded to first-generation college students without regard to their legal status. This award amount varies annually but is usually $1,000–$5,000. This year’s scholarship is $2,000.

Required documents:



Visit the official website for more. 


 The La Luz Scholarship is open to students who meet specific conditions. Criteria include:
American high school seniors, college undergraduates, and graduate students eligible.
Students of any immigration status can apply.
This scholarship targets first-generation college students.
To be eligible for the 2023-2024 scholarship, you must attend a community college, public or private institution, or graduate program full-time.

How to apply.

The La Luz Scholarship application has several steps. These steps are listed below:
  • All La Brilliance applications are online.
  • Send your scholarship request through the official website.
  • Take your time filling out the grant application to improve your chances.
  • As you complete the grant application, watch the deadline.
  • Your application essay must be 500 words or less.
The easy part is answering these questions: How has being the first in your family to attend college affected your academic journey? What financial aid will this award provide?
Pea & Co. will accept La Luz Scholarship applications until Thursday, September 15, 2023. The scholarship recipient will be announced on November 8, 2023, National Day for First-Generation College Students.

To apply for this scholarship, students must:

  • Visit Scholarships portal. 
  • Submit your form before the deadline.
  • The Scholarship application deadline is approaching. Online applications are available HERE.

Apply here 

The official website


The mission of the La Luz Foundation (LLF) is to inspire, encourage, and support Morton College by giving scholarships to present and future students who would not be able to afford to go to school otherwise.

A Little About La Luz:

 LLF thinks that higher education can make a difference for people, families, and communities. We want to live in a community that knows how important education is and makes sure that everyone, no matter their financial situation, can get good education results.

To build this neighborhood, LLF will:

Encourage people to go to college and give them money to do so.
Help kids and their families save money for college and pay for it.
Focus on kids who aren’t getting enough help and are often forgotten, not just in the Morton College district.
Along with these specific and main goals, LLF was created to do anything else that is related to or fits with those goals. The LLF may do some activities and use its powers, but only to a very small extent. These activities and uses must be in support of the LLF’s main non-profit goals.
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