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 About the FAEA Scholarship 2023-24: Empowering Academic Excellence

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on the FAEA Scholarship 2023-24, an exceptional opportunity provided by the Foundation for Academic Excellence and Access (FAEA) to support the dreams of Class 12 passed/first-year undergraduate students in various disciplines. Our mission is to illuminate the path to higher education for those from economically underprivileged backgrounds, fostering a brighter future for deserving individuals across India.



The FAEA Scholarship 2023-24 stands as a beacon of hope, aimed at aiding students in Arts, Commerce, Science, Engineering, and other technical and professional disciplines pursuing their higher education journey. This scholarship is a testament to FAEA’s unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between aspirations and resources.


Eligibility Criteria

To seize this golden opportunity, prospective candidates must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Have successfully passed Class 12 from a recognized Indian board.
  2. Be a first-year undergraduate student in arts, commerce, science, medicine, engineering, or other technical and professional fields at any esteemed university, institution, or college in India.

Notably, students whose Class 12 results are pending can also apply, providing them a fair chance to embark on their academic pursuits.

Benefits of the Scholarship

Selected candidates will reap an array of benefits that encompass financial support and encouragement to excel. These benefits include:

  1. Financial Aid: The scholarship comprehensively covers tuition fees, maintenance allowance, hostel/mess charges, and other allowances essential for smooth academic progress.
  2. Holistic Support: Scholars can access funds for travel, clothing, and book purchases, easing the financial burden on their educational journey.

However, it is imperative to understand that the continuity of the scholarship and its amount is contingent upon maintaining good academic performance and the availability of funds.

Application Process: Your Pathway to Excellence

Embarking on the journey to secure the FAEA Scholarship is as simple as a few strategic steps:

  1. Apply Online: Click the ‘Apply Now’ button to initiate your application journey.
  2. Registration: If you’re new, click the ‘Register’ button to provide the necessary details. For returning applicants, easily log in using Gmail, mobile number, or email ID.
  3. Navigate Forward: Proceed to registration and provide the requisite details.
  4. Completion: After successful registration, complete the application details and submit.

Upon successful submission, an auto-generated ‘Confirmation Code’ will be provided, ensuring smooth correspondence with FAEA in the future.

Important Dates: Mark Your Calendars

Keep track of the crucial dates associated with the FAEA Scholarship 2023-24:

  • Application Deadline: 30th June 2023

Selection Process: Illuminating Excellence

The journey to being a FAEA Scholar involves:

  1. Shortlisting and Interviews: Shortlisted students will be invited for interviews in metropolitan cities across India, establishing a personal connection.
  2. National Panel Selection: A distinguished national panel will make the final selection, ensuring a rigorous and transparent process.
  3. Acceptance by Host Institution: Scholarship support is subject to the student’s approval by the host university/institution/college.

Terms and Conditions: Navigating the Path

To ensure a smooth scholarship application process, adhere to these conditions:

  • Timely submission is vital. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
  • The scholarship spans up to a maximum of five years.
  • Maintaining excellent academic performance is essential. Scholars must share their annual results with the FAEA office.
  • Periodic progress reports must be submitted to showcase ongoing achievements.

Contact Information: Reach Out for Excellence

Foundation for Academic Excellence and Access (FAEA) C-25, Qutab Institutional Area, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi – 110 016 Phone Number – (+91) 11 4168 9133 | Email Id –

A Glimpse into the Future

While this edition of the FAEA Scholarship is now closed for applications, stay tuned for the launch of the 2024 edition in May. In the interim, explore our featured scholarships and related opportunities, setting the stage for your remarkable journey ahead.

In conclusion, the FAEA Scholarship 2023-24 transcends mere financial assistance; it embodies empowerment and transformation. Seize this opportunity to pave your way toward academic excellence and a brighter tomorrow.

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